Do you know the Service Vouchers ( FR: Titres-Services / NL: Dienstencheques ) system in Belgium? How maybe you don’t fully understand it?

This User Guide explains you in details how to use this unique system. You will then be able to leverage it to book home cleaning services at a very cheap price.


Service Vouchers are a mean of payment supported by the Belgian Regions (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia) for certain kinds of services:

  • Home Cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Ironing
  • Transport of disabled persons

The goal of Service Vouchers is to help you to manage your home. So you can only use them for domestic services (not for a professional use: cleaning of your office, waiting rooms, rented appartements, …).


It’s very easy: you pay 1 hour of services with 1 Service Voucher.

A standard user can order a maximum of 500 vouchers each year. The 400 first vouchers are sold at 9€ each, the last 100 at 10€ each.

But that’s not all! Indeed, Service Vouchers also provide for fiscal benefits. They depend on where you live:

  • In Brussels region: you can benefit from a Tax Discount of 1,35€ per Service Voucher. It means that a Service Voucher only costs you 7,65€ in the end!
  • In Wallonia: you can benefit from a Tax Discount of 0,90€ per Service Voucher. It means that a Service Voucher only costs you 8,10€ in the end!
  • In Flanders: you can benefit from a Tax Discount of 2,70€ per Service Voucher. It means that a Service Voucher only costs you 6,30€ in the end!

Although the system has changed in the past years, it still remains very interesting and economical. It’s even more interesting then hiring a cleaner on the black market!


  1. You have to subscribe to the Service Vouchers system, managed by Sodexo. You can consider it as the “Service Vouchers bank”. You will receive a Sodexo number (your user number) within a few days.
  2. You order Service Vouchers from Sodexo. They can be electronic or in paper.
  3. Thanks to Pootsy, you can easily find an affiliated Service-Vouchers company (they have to get an agreement from Sodexo), and you decide the frequency and the duration of the services. The company will send a cleaner corresponding to your criteria. To see instant availabilities of cleaners around your home, click here.
  4. On the arranged date and time, your cleaner will come to your home and start the service. At the end of it, either he/she will collect the Paper Service Voucher, or he/she will encode the service in the Sodexo system so that your Electronic Vouchers will be debited.
  5. You re-order Vouchers regularly to cover your future services.

How to subscribe to the service voucher system ?

The easiest way? By using Pootsy! Indeed, we take care of your subscription when you make your first reservation!

If you have a special status and you don’t have a Belgian National Number, you can also subscribe by following the instructions here.

How to order service vouchers ?

Ordering Service Vouchers can be done only by bank transfer, depending on where you live.

Two important rules:

  • Your order must be at least for 10 Services Vouchers, and must be a multiple of 9, since the price is 9€ per voucher (i.e. a minimum of 90€ for 10 Service Vouchers, then 99€ for 11 vouchers, etc…).
  • In the structured communication of the bank transfer, you always must give your Sodexo user number (12 numbers)

Bank account numbers (IBAN format) depends on where you live:

  • In Brussels region : BE28 0017 7246 3620
  • In Wallonia : BE15 0017 7247 4330
  • In Flanders : BE41 0017 7246 2610


As you could read, the vouchers exists in two forms: paper or electronic.

Paper Vouchers will sooner or later disappear, and they are less and less used, because they are not very convenient and have a lot of risks (loss or theft).

Electronic Vouchers have a lot of advantages:

  • They are available immediately when you order them
  • You don’t have to fill them and give them to your cleaner. No more forgotten vouchers or mistakes
  • Confirmation or cancellation of services in the Sodexo platform
  • Manage you electronic wallet in the Sodexo platform

More info

For more information, you can read the websites of the Regions dedicated to Service Vouchers (not available in  English):

And, of course, don’t hesitate to contact Pootsy if you have any questions, or if you want to book a cleaning service (even if you are not yet subscribed to Sodexo):

See you soon,

The Pootsy Team